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What Can She Do?
by Edward Payson Roe
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Chapter I. Three Girls
Chapter II. A Future of Human Designing
Chapter III. Three Men
Chapter IV. The Skies Darkening
Chapter V. The Storm Threatening
Chapter VI. The Wreck
Chapter VII. Among the Breakers
Chapter VIII. Warped
Chapter IX. A Desert Island
Chapter X. Edith Becomes a “Divinity"
Chapter XI. Mrs. Allen's Policy
Chapter XII. Waiting for Some One to Turn Up
Chapter XIII. They Turn Up
Chapter XIV. We Can't Work
Chapter XV. The Temptation
Chapter XVI. Black Hannibal's White Heart
Chapter XVII. The Changes of Two Short Months
Chapter XVIII. Ignorance Looking for Work
Chapter XIX. A Falling Star
Chapter XX. Desolation
Chapter XXI. Edith's True Knight
Chapter XXII. A Mystery
Chapter XXIII. A Dangerous Step
Chapter XXIV. Scorn and Kindness
Chapter XXV. A Horror of Great Darkness
Chapter XXVI. Friend and Saviour
Chapter XXVII. The Mystery Solved
Chapter XXVIII. Edith Tells the Old, Old Story
Chapter XXIX. Hannibal Learns How His Heart Can Be White
Chapter XXX. Edith's and Arden's Friendship
Chapter XXXI. Zell
Chapter XXXII. Edith Brings the Wanderer Home
Chapter XXXIII. Edith's Great Temptation
Chapter XXXIV. Saved
Chapter XXXV. Closing Scenes
Chapter XXXVI. Last Words

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