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David Copperfield
by Charles Dickens
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Chapter 1: I Am Born
Chapter 2: I Observe
Chapter 3: I Have a Change
Chapter 4: I Fall into Disgrace
Chapter 5: I Am Sent Away
Chapter 6: I Enlarge My Circle of Acquaintance
Chapter 7: My 'First Half' at Salem House
Chapter 8: My Holidays. Especially One Happy Afternoon
Chapter 9: I Have a Memorable Birthday
Chapter 10: I Become Neglected, and Am Provided For
Chapter 11: I Begin Life on My Own Account, and Don't Like It
Chapter 12: Liking Life on My Own Account No Better, I Form a Great Resolution
Chapter 13: The Sequel of My Resolution
Chapter 14: My Aunt Makes up Her Mind About Me
Chapter 15: I Make Another Beginning
Chapter 16: I Am a New Boy in More Senses Than One
Chapter 17: Somebody Turns Up
Chapter 18: A Retrospect
Chapter 19: I Look About Me and Make a Discovery
Chapter 20: Steerforth's Home
Chapter 21: Little Em'ly
Chapter 22: Some Old Scenes, and Some New People
Chapter 23: I Corroborate Mr. Dick, and Choose a Profession
Chapter 24: My First Dissipation
Chapter 25: Good and Bad Angels
Chapter 26: I Fall into Captivity
Chapter 27: Tommy Traddles
Chapter 28: Mr. Micawber's Gauntlet
Chapter 29: I Visit Steerforth at His Home, Again
Chapter 30: A Loss
Chapter 31: A Greater Loss
Chapter 32: The Beginning of a Long Journey
Chapter 33: Blissful
Chapter 34: My Aunt Astonishes Me
Chapter 35: Depression
Chapter 36: Enthusiasm
Chapter 37: A Little Cold Water
Chapter 38: A Dissolution of Partnership
Chapter 39: Wickfield and Heep
Chapter 40: The Wanderer
Chapter 41: Dora's Aunts
Chapter 42: Mischief
Chapter 43: Another Retrospect
Chapter 44: Our Housekeeping
Chapter 45: Mr. Dick Fulfils My Aunt's Predictions
Chapter 46: Intelligence
Chapter 47: Martha
Chapter 48: Domestic
Chapter 49: I Am Involved in Mystery
Chapter 50: Mr. Peggotty's Dream Comes True
Chapter 51: The Beginning of a Longer Journey
Chapter 52: I Assist at an Explosion
Chapter 53: Another Retrospect
Chapter 54: Mr. Micawber's Transactions
Chapter 55: Tempest
Chapter 56: The New Wound, and the Old
Chapter 57: The Emigrants
Chapter 58: Absence
Chapter 59: Return
Chapter 60: Agnes
Chapter 61: I Am Shown Two Interesting Penitents
Chapter 62: A Light Shines on My Way
Chapter 63: A Visitor
Chapter 64: A Last Retrospect

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