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Little Dorrit
by Charles Dickens
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Book the First: Poverty
Chapter 1: Sun and Shadow
Chapter 2: Fellow Travellers
Chapter 3: Home
Chapter 4: Mrs Flintwinch has a Dream
Chapter 5: Family Affairs
Chapter 6: The Father of the Marshalsea
Chapter 7: The Child of the Marshalsea
Chapter 8: The Lock
Chapter 9: Little Mother
Chapter 10: Containing the whole Science of Government
Chapter 11: Let Loose
Chapter 12: Bleeding Heart Yard
Chapter 13: Patriarchal
Chapter 14: Little Dorrit's Party
Chapter 15: Mrs Flintwinch has another Dream
Chapter 16: Nobody's Weakness
Chapter 17: Nobody's Rival
Chapter 18: Little Dorrit's Lover
Chapter 19: The Father of the Marshalsea in two or three Relations
Chapter 20: Moving in Society
Chapter 21: Mr Merdle's Complaint
Chapter 22: A Puzzle
Chapter 23: Machinery in Motion
Chapter 24: Fortune-Telling
Chapter 25: Conspirators and Others
Chapter 26: Nobody's State of Mind
Chapter 27: Five-and-Twenty
Chapter 28: Nobody's Disappearance
Chapter 29: Mrs Flintwinch goes on Dreaming
Chapter 30: The Word of a Gentleman
Chapter 31: Spirit
Chapter 32: More Fortune-Telling
Chapter 33: Mrs Merdle's Complaint
Chapter 34: A Shoal of Barnacles
Chapter 35: What was behind Mr Pancks on Little Dorrit's Hand
Chapter 36: The Marshalsea becomes an Orphan
Book the Second: Riches
Chapter 1: Fellow Travellers
Chapter 2: Mrs General
Chapter 3: On the Road
Chapter 4: A Letter from Little Dorrit
Chapter 5: Something Wrong Somewhere
Chapter 6: Something Right Somewhere
Chapter 7: Mostly, Prunes and Prism
Chapter 8: The Dowager Mrs Gowan is reminded that 'It Never Does'
Chapter 9: Appearance and Disappearance
Chapter 10: The Dreams of Mrs Flintwinch thicken
Chapter 11: A Letter from Little Dorrit
Chapter 12: In which a Great Patriotic Conference is holden
Chapter 13: The Progress of an Epidemic
Chapter 14: Taking Advice
Chapter 15: No just Cause or Impediment why these Two Persons should not be joined together
Chapter 16: Getting on
Chapter 17: Missing
Chapter 18: A Castle in the Air
Chapter 19: The Storming of the Castle in the Air
Chapter 20: Introduces the next
Chapter 21: The History of a Self-Tormentor
Chapter 22: Who passes by this Road so late?
Chapter 23: Mistress Affery makes a Conditional Promise, respecting her Dreams
Chapter 24: The Evening of a Long Day
Chapter 25: The Chief Butler Resigns the Seals of Office
Chapter 26: Reaping the Whirlwind
Chapter 27: The Pupil of the Marshalsea
Chapter 28: An Appearance in the Marshalsea
Chapter 29: A Plea in the Marshalsea
Chapter 30: Closing in
Chapter 31: Closed
Chapter 32: Going
Chapter 33: Going!
Chapter 34: Gone

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