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Hard Times
by Charles Dickens
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Book the First - Sowing
Chapter I - The One Thing Needful
Chapter II - Murdering the Innocents
Chapter III - A Loophole
Chapter IV - Mr. Bounderby
Chapter V - The Keynote
Chapter VI - Sleary's Horsemanship
Chapter VII - Mrs. Sparsit
Chapter VIII - Never Wonder
Chapter IX - Sissy's Progress
Chapter X - Stephen Blackpool
Chapter XI - No Way Out
Chapter XII - The Old Woman
Chapter XIII - Rachael
Chapter XIV - The Great Manufacturer
Chapter XV - Father and Daughter
Chapter XVI - Husband and Wife
Book the Second - Reaping
Chapter I - Effects in the Bank
Chapter II - Mr. James Harthouse
Chapter III - The Whelp
Chapter IV - Men and Brothers
Chapter V - Men and Masters
Chapter VI - Fading Away
Chapter VII - Gunpowder
Chapter VIII - Explosion
Chapter IX - Hearing the Last of It
Chapter X - Mrs. Sparsit's Staircase
Chapter XI - Lower and Lower
Chapter XII - Down
Book the Third - Garnering
Chapter I - Another Thing Needful
Chapter II - Very Ridiculous
Chapter III - Very Decided
Chapter IV - Lost
Chapter V - Found
Chapter VI - The Starlight
Chapter VII - Whelp-Hunting
Chapter VIII - Philosophical
Chapter IX - Final

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