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The Lair of the White Worm
by Bram Stoker
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Chapter I: Adam Salton Arrives
Chapter II: The Caswalls of Castra Regis
Chapter III: Diana's Grove
Chapter IV: The Lady Arabella March
Chapter V: The White Worm
Chapter VI: Hawk and Pigeon
Chapter VII: Oolanga
Chapter VIII: Survivals
Chapter IX: Smelling Death
Chapter X: The Kite
Chapter XI: Mesmer's Chest
Chapter XII: The Chest Opened
Chapter XIII: Oolanga's Hallucinations
Chapter XIV: Battle Renewed
Chapter XV: On the Track
Chapter XVI: A Visit of Sympathy
Chapter XVII: The Mystery of "The Grove"
Chapter XVIII: Exit Oolanga
Chapter XIX: An Enemy in the Dark
Chapter XX: Metabolism
Chapter XXI: Green Light
Chapter XXII: At Close Quarters
Chapter XXIII: In the Enemy's House
Chapter XXIV: A Startling Proposition
Chapter XXV: The Last Battle
Chapter XXVI: Face to Face
Chapter XXVII: On the Turret Roof
Chapter XXVIII: The Breaking of the Storm

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