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The People of the Abyss
by Jack London
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Chapter I--The Descent
Chapter II--Johnny Upright
Chapter III--My Lodging and Some Others
Chapter IV--A Man and the Abyss
Chapter V--Those on the Edge
Chapter VI--Frying-Pan Alley and a Glimpse of Inferno
Chapter VII--A Winner of the Victoria Cross
Chapter VIII--The Carter and the Carpenter
Chapter IX--The Spike
Chapter X--Carrying the Banner
Chapter XI--The Peg
Chapter XII--Coronation Day
Chapter XIII--Dan Cullen, Docker
Chapter XIV--Hops and Hoppers
Chapter XV--The Sea Wife
Chapter XVI--Property Versus Person
Chapter XVII--Inefficiency
Chapter XVIII--Wages
Chapter XIX--The Ghetto
Chapter XX--Coffee-Houses and Doss-Houses
Chapter XXI--The Precariousness of Life
Chapter XXII--Suicide
Chapter XXIII--The Children
Chapter XXIV--A Vision of the Night
Chapter XXV--The Hunger Wail
Chapter XXVI--Drink, Temperance, and Thrift
Chapter XXVII--The Management

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