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The Story Of My Life From Childhood To Manhood
by Georg Ebers
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Volume 1.
Chapter I. Glancing Backward.
Chapter II. My Earliest Childhood
Chapter III. On Festal Days
Chapter IV. The Journey to Holland to Attend the Golden Wedding.
Chapter V. Lennestrasse.--Lenne.--Early Impressions.
Volume 2.
Chapter VI. My Introduction to Art, and Acquaintances Great and Small in the Lennestrasse.
Chapter VII. What a Berlin Child Enjoyed on the Spree and at His Grandmother's in Dresden.
Chapter VIII. The Revolutionary Period Before the Revolution
Chapter IX. The Eighteenth of March.
Volume 3.
Chapter X. After the Night of Revolution.
Chapter XI. In Keilhau
Chapter XII. Friedrich Froebel's Ideal of Education.
Volume 4.
Chapter XIII. The Founders of the Keilhau Institute, and a Glimpse at the History of the School.
Chapter XIV.
Chapter XV. Summer Pleasures and Rambles
Chapter XVI. Autumn, Winter, Easter and Departure
Volume 5.
Chapter XVII. The Gymnasium and the First Period of University Life.
Chapter XVIII. The time of Effervescence, and My School Mates.
Chapter XIX. A Romance Which Really Happened.
Chapter XX. At the Quedlinburg Gymnasium
Volume 6.
Chapter XXI. At the University.
Chapter XXII. The Shipwreck
Chapter XXIII. The Hardest Time in the School of Life.
Chapter XXIV. The Apprenticeship.
Chapter XXV. The Summers of My Convalescence.
Chapter XXVI. Continuance of Convalescence and the First Novel.

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