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Bulfinch's Mythology
by Thomas Bulfinch
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Publishers' Preface
Author's Preface
Stories of Gods and Heroes
Chapter I. Introduction
Chapter II. Prometheus and Pandora
Chapter III. Apollo and Daphne--Pyramus and Thisbe Cephalus and Procris
Chapter IV. Juno and Her Rivals, Io and Callisto--Diana and Actaeon--Latona and the Rustics
Chapter V. Phaeton
Chapter VI. Midas--Baucis and Philemon
Chapter VII. Proserpine--Glaucus and Scylla
Chapter VIII. Pygmalion--Dryope-Venus and Adonis--Apollo and Hyacinthus
Chapter IX. Ceyx and Halcyone: Or, the Halcyon Birds
Chapter X. Vertumnus and Pomona
Chapter XI. Cupid and Psyche
Chapter XII. Cadmus--The Myrmidons
Chapter XIII. Nisus and Scylla--Echo and Narcissus--Clytie--Hero and Leander
Chapter XIV. Minerva--Niobe
Chapter XV. The Graeae or Gray-Maids--Perseus--Medusa--Atlas--Andromeda
Chapter XVI. Monsters
Chapter XVII. The Golden Fleece--Medea
Chapter XVIII. Meleager and Atalanta
Chapter XIX. Hercules--Hebe and Ganymede
Chapter XX. Theseus--Daedalus--Castor and Pollux
Chapter XXI. Bacchus--Ariadne
Chapter XXII. The Rural Deities--Erisichthon--Rhoecus--The Water Deities--Camenae--Winds
Chapter XXIII. Achelous and Hercules--Admetus and Alcestis--Antigone--Penelope
Chapter XXIV. Orpheus and Eurydice--Aristaeus--Amphion--Linus--Thamyris--Marsyas--Melampus--Musaeus
Chapter XXV. Arion--Ibycus--Simonides--Sappho
Chapter XXVI. Endymion--Orion--Aurora and Tithonus--Acis and Galatea
Chapter XXVII. The Trojan War
Chapter XXVIII. The Fall of Troy--Return of the Greeks--Orestes and Electra
Chapter XXIX. Adventures of Ulysses--The Lotus-Eaters--Cyclopes--Circe--Sirens--Scylla and Charybdis--Calypso
Chapter XXX. The Phaeacians--Fate of the Suitors
Chapter XXXI. Adventures of Aeneas--The Harpies--Dido--Palinurus
Chapter XXXII. The Infernal Regions--The Sibyl
Chapter XXXIII. Camilla--Evander--Nisus and Euryalus--Mezentius--Turnus
Chapter XXXIV. Pythagoras--Egyptian Deities--Oracles
Chapter XXXV. Origin of Mythology--Statues of Gods and Goddesses--Poets of Mythology
Chapter XXXVI. Modern Monsters--The Phoenix--Basilisk--Unicorn--Salamander
Chapter XXXVII. Eastern Mythology--Zoroaster--Hindu Mythology--Castes--Buddha--Grand Lama
Chapter XXXVIII. Northern Mythology--Valhalla--The Valkyrior
Chapter XXXIX. Thor's Visit to Jotunheim
Chapter XL. The Death of Baldur--The Elves--Runic Letters--Iceland--Teutonic Mythology--Nibelungen Lied
Chapter XLI. The Druids--Iona
King Arthur and His Knights
Chapter I. Introduction
Chapter II. The Mythical History of England
Chapter III. Merlin
Chapter IV. Arthur
Chapter V. Arthur (Continued)
Chapter VI. Sir Gawain
Chapter VII. Caradoc Briefbras; or, Caradoc with the Shrunken Arm
Chapter VIII. Launcelot of the Lake
Chapter IX. The Adventure of the Cart
Chapter X. The Lady of Shalott
Chapter XI. Queen Guenever's Peril
Chapter XII. Tristram and Isoude
Chapter XIII. Tristram and Isoude (Continued)
Chapter XIV. Sir Tristram's Battle with Sir Launcelot
Chapter XV. The Round Table
Chapter XVI. Sir Palamedes
Chapter XVII. Sir Tristram
Chapter XVIII. Perceval
Chapter XIX. The Sangreal, or Holy Graal
Chapter XX. The Sangreal (Continued)
Chapter XXI. The Sangreal (Continued)
Chapter XXII. Sir Agrivain's Treason
Chapter XXIII. Morte d'Arthur
The Mabinogeon
Introductory Note
Chapter I. The Britons
Chapter II. The Lady of the Fountain
Chapter III. The Lady of the Fountain (Continued)
Chapter IV. The Lady of the Fountain (Continued)
Chapter V. Geraint, the Son of Erbin
Chapter VI. Geraint, the Son of Erbin (Continued)
Chapter VII. Geraint, the Son of Erbin (Continued)
Chapter VIII. Pwyll, Prince of Dyved
Chapter IX. Branwen, the Daughter of Llyr
Chapter X. Manawyddan
Chapter XI. Kilwich and Olwen
Chapter XII. Kilwich and Olwen (Continued)
Chapter XIII. Taliesin
Hero Myths of the British Race
Cuchulain, Champion of Ireland
Hereward the Wake
Robin Hood
Legends of Charlemagne
The Peers, or Paladins
The Tournament
The Siege of Albracca
Adventures of Rinaldo and Orlando
The Invasion of France
The Invasion of France (Continued)
Bradamante and Rogero
Astolpho and the Enchantress
The Orc
Astolpho's Adventures Continued, and Isabella's Begun
Orlando Mad
Zerbino and Isabella
Astolpho in Abyssinia
The War in Africa
Rogero and Bradamante
The Battle of Roncesvalles
Rinaldo and Bayard
Death of Rinaldo
Huon of Bordeaux
Huon of Bordeaux (Continued)
Huon of Bordeaux (Continued)
Ogier, the Dane
Ogier, the Dane (Continued)
Ogier, the Dane (Continued)

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