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Success With Small Fruits
by Edward Payson Roe
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Preface to the New Edition
Chapter I. Preliminary Parley
Chapter II. The Fruit Garden
Chapter III. Small Fruit Farming and Its Profits
Chapter IV. Strawberries: the Five Species and Their History
Chapter V. Ideal Steawberries Versus Those of the Field and Market
Chapter VI. Choice of Soil and Location
Chapter VII. Preparing and Enriching the Soil
Chapter VIII. Preparation of Soil by Drainage
Chapter IX. The Preparation of Soils Comparatively Unfavorable. Clay, Sand, Etc.
Chapter X. Commercial and Special Fertilizers
Chapter XI. Obtaining Plants and Improving Our Stock
Chapter XII. When Shall We Plant?
Chapter XIII. What Shall We Plant?. Varieties, Their Character and Adaptation to Soils
Chapter XIV. Setting Out Plants
Chapter XV. Cultivation
Chapter XVI. A Southern Strawberry Farm, and Methods of Culture in the South
Chapter XVII. Forcing Strawberries Under Glass
Chapter XVIII. Originating New Varieties. Hybridization
Chapter XIX. Raspberries. Species, History, Propagation, Etc.
Chapter XX. Raspberries. Pruning. Staking. Mulching. Winter Protection, Etc.
Chapter XXI. Raspberries. Varieties of the Foreign and Native Species
Chapter XXII. Rubus Occidentalis. Black-cap and Purple Cane Raspberries
Chapter XXIII. The Raspberries of the Future
Chapter XXIV. Blackberries. Varieties, Cultivation, Etc.
Chapter XXV. Currants. Choice of Soil, Cultivation, Pruning, Etc.
Chapter XXVI. Currants, Continued. Propagation, Varieties
Chapter XXVII. Gooseberries
Chapter XXVIII. Diseases and Insect Enemies of Small Fruits
Chapter XXIX. Picking and Marketing
Chapter XXX. Irrigation
Chapter XXXI. Suggestive Experiences From Widely Separated Localities
Chapter XXXII. A Few Rules and Maxims
Chapter XXXIII. Varieties of Strawberries
Chapter XXXIV. Varieties of Other Small Fruits
Chapter XXXV. Closing Words

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