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The Shuttle
by Frances Hodgson Burnett
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Chapter I. The Weaving of the Shuttle
Chapter II. A Lack of Perception
Chapter III. Young Lady Anstruthers
Chapter IV. A Mistake of the Postboy's
Chapter V. On Both Sides of the Atlantic
Chapter VI. An Unfair Endowment
Chapter VII. On Board the "Meridiana"
Chapter VIII. The Second-Class Passenger
Chapter IX. Lady Jane Grey
Chapter X. "Is Lady Anstruthers at Home?"
Chapter XI. "I Thought You Had All Forgotten "
Chapter XII. Ughtred
Chapter XIII. One of the New York Dresses
Chapter XIV. In the Gardens
Chapter XV. The First Man
Chapter XVI. The Particular Incident
Chapter XVII. Townlinson & Sheppard
Chapter XVIII. The Fifteenth Earl of Mount Dunstan
Chapter XIX. Spring in Bond Street
Chapter XX. Things Occur in Stornham Village
Chapter XXI. Kedgers
Chapter XXII. One of Mr. Vanderpoel's Letters
Chapter XXIII. Introducing G. Selden
Chapter XXIV. The Political Economy of Stornham
Chapter XXV. "We Began to Marry Them, My Good Fellow!"
Chapter XXVI. "What it Must be to You--Just You!"
Chapter XXVII. Life
Chapter XXVIII. Setting Them Thinking
Chapter XXIX. The Thread of G. Selden
Chapter XXX. A Return
Chapter XXXI. No, She Would Not
Chapter XXXII. A Great Ball
Chapter XXXIII. For Lady Jane
Chapter XXXIV. Red Godwyn
Chapter XXXV. The Tidal Wave
Chapter XXXVI. By the Roadside Everywhere
Chapter XXXVII. Closed Corridors
Chapter XXXVIII. At Shandy's
Chapter XXXIX. On the Marshes
Chapter LX. "Don't Go on with This"
Chapter XLI. She Would Do Something
Chapter XLII. In the Ballroom
Chapter XLIII. His Chance
Chapter XLIV. A Footstep
Chapter XLV. The Passing Bell
Chapter XLVI. Listening
Chapter XLVII. "I Have No Word or Look to Remember"
Chapter XLVIII. The Moment
Chapter XLIX. At Stornham and at Broadmorlands
Chapter L. The Primeval Thing

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