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The Rover Boys at College
by Arthur M. Winfield
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1. On The Train
2. At The Sanderson House
3. Like Knights Of Old
4. What Happened At The Campus Fence
5. Getting Acquainted
6. A Hazing, And What Followed
7. The Arrival Of Songbird
8. The Colors Contest
9. Tom In Trouble
10. Songbird Makes A Discovery
11. How Tom Escaped Punishment
12. In Which The Girls Arrive
13. The Rowing Race
14. William Philander Tubes
15. An Automobiling Adventure
16. Something About A Cane
17. A Misunderstanding
18. The Great Football Game
19. More Complications
20. Days Of Waiting
21. Home For The Holidays
22. Word At Last
23. The Springtime Of Life
24. At The Haunted House
29. What The Girls Discovered
25. In The Hands Of The Enemy
26. The Evidence Against Them
27. In Disgrace
28. Dark Days
30. A Beginning And An Ending

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