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The Errand Boy
by Horatio Alger Jr.
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Chapter I. Phil has a Little Difficulty.
Chapter II. A Strange Revelation.
Chapter III. Phil's Sudden Resolution.
Chapter IV. Mr. Lionel Lake.
Chapter V. An Overbearing Conductor
Chapter VI. Signor Orlando.
Chapter VII. Bowerman's Varieties.
Chapter VIII. The House in Twelfth Street.
Chapter IX. The Old Gentleman Proves a Friend.
Chapter X. Phil Calls on Mr. Pitkin.
Chapter XI. Phil Enters Upon His Duties.
Chapter XII. Mr. Lionel Lake Again.
Chapter XIII. Phil's New Home.
Chapter XIV. Consulting the Oracle.
Chapter XV. Phil and the Fortune-Teller.
Chapter XVI. Mrs. Brent's Strange Temptation.
Chapter XVII. Jonas Joins the Conspiracy.
Chapter XVIII. The Conspiracy Succeeds.
Chapter XIX. A Narrow Escape from Detection.
Chapter XX. Left Out in the Cold.
Chapter XXI. "They Met by Chance."
Chapter XXII. Phil is "Bounced."
Chapter XXIII. An Explanation.
Chapter XXIV. Raising the Rent.
Chapter XXV. Alonzo is Puzzled.
Chapter XXVI. A Wonderful Change.
Chapter XXVII. An Unpleasant Surprise.
Chapter XXVIII. An Unsatisfactory Conference.
Chapter XXIX. A Truce.
Chapter XXX. Phil's Trust.
Chapter XXXI. Phil is Shadowed.
Chapter XXXII. Phil is Robbed.
Chapter XXXIII. A Terrible Situation.
Chapter XXXIV. Phil's Friends and His Enemies.
Chapter XXXV. The Pitkins Retire in Disgust.
Chapter XXXVI. The False Heir.
Chapter XXXVII. Mrs. Brent's Panic.
Chapter XXXVIII. An Important Discovery.
Chapter XXXIX. At the Palmer House.
Chapter XL. A Scene not on the Bills.
Fred Sargent's Revenge.
The Smuggler's Trap.

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