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Cast Upon the Breakers
by Horatio Alger Jr.
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Chapter I. A Faithless Guardian.
Chapter II. The Casket of Jewels.
Chapter III. A Strange Disappearance.
Chapter IV. In Pursuit of a Thief.
Chapter V. A Young Financial Wreck.
Chapter VI. An Impudent Adventurer.
Chapter VII. At the Newsboy's Lodging House.
Chapter VIII. Rodney Finds a Place.
Chapter IX. The First Day at Work.
Chapter X. Mike Puts on a Uniform.
Chapter XI. Missing Goods.
Chapter XII. What was Found in Rodney's Room.
Chapter XIII. Charged with Theft.
Chapter XIV. Rodney is Discharged.
Chapter XV. A Rich Find.
Chapter XVI. A Surprising Turn of Fortune.
Chapter XVII. Jasper's Perplexity.
Chapter XVIII. Rodney's Secret is Discovered.
Chapter XIX. Jasper's Revenge
Chapter XX. Rodney Loses His Pupil.
Chapter XXI. Continued Ill Luck.
Chapter XXII. An Old Acquaintance Turns Up.
Chapter XXIII. Mr. Wheeler Has a Set Back.
Chapter XXIV. A Change of Scene.
Chapter XXV. Jefferson Pettigrew's Home.
Chapter XXVI. The Boy Capitalist.
Chapter XXVII. The Failure of Squire Sheldon's Plot.
Chapter XXVIII. A Minister's Good Fortune.
Chapter XXIX. A Mining Town in Montana.
Chapter XXX. The Mysterious Robbery.
Chapter XXXI. Mr. Wheeler Explains.
Chapter XXXII. Rodney Falls Into a Trap.
Chapter XXXIII. Underground.
Chapter XXXIV. Rodney's Discovery.
Chapter XXXV. A Bloody Conflict.
Chapter XXXVI. The Rodney Mine.
Chapter XXXXVII. Conclusion.

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