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Glinda of Oz
by L. Frank Baum
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Chapter One. The Call to Duty
Chapter Two. Ozma and Dorothy
Chapter Three. The Mist Maidens
Chapter Four. The Magic Tent
Chapter Five. The Magic Stairway
Chapter Six. Flathead Mountain
Chapter Seven. The Magic Isle
Chapter Eight. Queen Coo-ee-oh
Chapter Nine. Lady Aurex
Chapter Ten. Under Water
Chapter Eleven. The Conquest of the Skeezers
Chapter Twelve. The Diamond Swan
Chapter Thirteen. The Alarm Bell
Chapter Fourteen. Ozma's Counsellors
Chapter Fifteen. The Great Sorceress
Chapter Sixteen. The Enchanted Fishes
Chapter Seventeen. Under the Great Dome
Chapter Eighteen. The Cleverness of Ervic
Chapter Nineteen. Red Reera, the Yookoohoo
Chapter Twenty. A Puzzling Problem
Chapter Twenty-One. The Three Adepts
Chapter Twenty-Two. The Sunken Island
Chapter Twenty-Three. The Magic Words
Chapter Twenty-Four. Glinda's Triumph

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