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The Patchwork Girl of Oz
by L. Frank Baum
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Chapter One. Ojo and Unc Nunkie.
Chapter Two. The Crooked Magician
Chapter Three. The Patchwork Girl
Chapter Four. The Glass Cat
Chapter Five. A Terrible Accident
Chapter Six. The Journey
Chapter Seven. The Troublesome Phonograph
Chapter Eight. The foolish Owl and the Wise Donkey
Chapter Nine. They Meet the Woozy
Chapter Ten. Shaggy Man to the Rescue
Chapter Eleven. A Good Friend
Chapter Twelve. The Giant Porcupine
Chapter Thirteen. Scraps and the Scarecrow
Chapter Fourteen. Ojo Breaks the Law
Chapter Fifteen. Ozma's Prisoner
Chapter Sixteen. Princess Dorothy
Chapter Seventeen. Ozma and Her Friends
Chapter Eighteen. Ojo is Forgiven
Chapter Nineteen. Trouble with the Tottenhots
Chapter Twenty. The Captive Yoop
Chapter Twenty-One. Hip Hopper the Champion
Chapter Twenty-Two. The Joking Horners
Chapter Twenty-Three. Peace Is Declared
Chapter Twenty-Four. Ojo Finds the Darkwell
Chapter Twenty-Five. They Bribe the Lazy Quadling
Chapter Twenty-Six. The Trick River
Chapter Twenty-Seven. The Tin Woodman Objects
Chapter Twenty-Eight. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

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