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The Cash Boy
by Horatio Alger Jr.
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Chapter I. A Revelation
Chapter II. Mrs. Fowler's Story
Chapter III. Left Alone
Chapter IV. The Town Autocrat
Chapter V. A Little Misunderstanding
Chapter VI. Frank Gets a Place
Chapter VII. The Cash Boy has an Adventure
Chapter VIII. An Unexpected Engagement
Chapter IX. The Housekeeper's Nephew
Chapter X. The Housekeeper Scheming
Chapter XI. John Wade
Chapter XII. A False Friend
Chapter XIII. The Spider and the Fly
Chapter XIV. Springing the Trap
Chapter XV. From Bad to Worse
Chapter XVI. An Accomplice Found
Chapter XVII. Frank and His Jailer
Chapter XVIII. "Over the Hill to the Poorhouse"
Chapter XIX. What Frank Heard Through the Crevice
Chapter XX. The Escape
Chapter XXI. John Wade's Disappointment
Chapter XXII. Conclusion

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