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The Adventures of Paddy the Beaver
by Thornton W. Burgess
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Chapter I: Paddy the Beaver Begins Work.
Chapter II: Paddy Plans a Pond.
Chapter III: Paddy Has Many Visitors.
Chapter IV: Sammy Jay Speaks His Mind.
Chapter V: Paddy Keeps His Promise.
Chapter VI: Farmer Brown's Boy Grows Curious.
Chapter VII: Farmer Brown's Boy Gets Another Surprise.
Chapter VIII: Peter Rabbit Gets a Ducking.
Chapter IX: Paddy Plans a House.
Chapter X: Paddy Starts His House.
Chapter XI: Peter Rabbit and Jerry Muskrat are Puzzled.
Chapter XII: Jerry Muskrat Learns Something.
Chapter XIII: The Queer Storehouse.
Chapter XIV: A Footprint in the Mud.
Chapter XV: Sammy Jay Makes Paddy a Call.
Chapter XVI: Old Man Coyote Is Very Crafty.
Chapter XVII: Old Man Coyote is Disappointed.
Chapter XVIII: Old Man Coyote Tries Another Plan.
Chapter XIX: Paddy and Sammy Jay Become Friends.
Chapter XX: Sammy Jay Offers To Help Paddy.
Chapter XXI: Paddy and Sammy Jay Work Together.
Chapter XXII: Paddy Finishes His Harvest.

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