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The Circus Boys Across The Continent
by Edgar B. P. Darlington
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Chapter I. The Boys Hear Good News
Chapter II. On the Road Once More
Chapter III. Phil to Rescue
Chapter IV. Renewing Old Acquaintances
Chapter V. Doing a Man's Work
Chapter VI. The Showman's Reward
Chapter VII. Trying the Culprit
Chapter VIII. Phil Makes a New Friend
Chapter IX. The Mule Distinguishes Himself
Chapter X. His First Bareback Lesson
Chapter XI. Summoned Before the Manager
Chapter XII. The Human Football
Chapter XIII. Ducked by an Elephant
Chapter XIV. In Dire Peril
Chapter XV. Emperor to the Rescue
Chapter XVI. An Unexpected Promotion
Chapter XVII. The Circus Boys Win New Laurels
Chapter XVIII. Doing a Double Somersault
Chapter XIX. Marooned in a Freight Car
Chapter XX. The Barnyard Circus
Chapter XXI. When the Crash Came
Chapter XXII. What Happened to a Pacemaker
Chapter XXIII. Searching the Train
Chapter XXIV. Conclusion

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