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The Rover Boys In The Mountains
by Arthur M. Winfield
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1. The Boys Of Putnam Hall.
2. A Glimpse At The Past.
3. Tom On A Tour Of Discovery.
4. Dormitory Number Two.
5. A Scene In The Schoolroom.
6. News Of An Old Enemy.
7. Something Of A Surprise.
8. Jasper Grinder Is Dismissed.
9. A Race On The Ice, And What Followed.
10. The End Of The Term.
11. Home For The Holidays.
12. The Brass-lined Money Casket.
13. The Heart Of The Adirondack.
14. The Start Up The River.
15. Wild Turkeys.
16. On The Wrong Trail.
17. An Unexpected Discovery.
18. In The Camp Of The Enemy.
19. Dick And The Wildcat.
20. Bear Pond At Last.
21. A Pair Of Prisoners.
22. Jasper Grinder Tries To Make Terms.
23. The Black Bear.
24. Together Again.
25. Snowed In.
26. An Unwelcome Comrade.
27. Bringing Down Two Bears.
28. Two Failures.
29. Jasper Grinder And The Wolves.
30. A Successful Search--conclusion.

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