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by Eleanor H. Porter
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Chapter I. Miss Polly
Chapter II. Old Tom and Nancy
Chapter III. The Coming of Pollyanna
Chapter IV. The Little Attic Room
Chapter V. The Game
Chapter VI. A Question of Duty
Chapter VII. Pollyanna and Punishments
Chapter VIII. Pollyanna Pays a Visit
Chapter IX. Which Tells of the Man
Chapter X. A Surprise for Mrs. Snow
Chapter XI. Introducing Jimmy
Chapter XII. Before the Ladies' Aid
Chapter XIII. In Pendleton Woods
Chapter XIV. Just a Matter of Jelly
Chapter XV. Dr. Chilton
Chapter XVI. A Red Rose and a Lace Shawl
Chapter XVII. "Just Like a Book"
Chapter XVIII. Prisms
Chapter XIX. Which is Somewhat Surprising
Chapter XX. Which is More Surprising
Chapter XXI. A Question Answered
Chapter XXII. Sermons and Woodboxes
Chapter XXIII. An Accident
Chapter XXIV. John Pendleton
Chapter XXV. A Waiting Game
Chapter XXVI. A Door Ajar
Chapter XXVII. Two Visits
Chapter XXVIII. The Game and its Players
Chapter XXIX. Through an Open Window
Chapter XXX. Jimmy Takes the Helm
Chapter XXXI. A New Uncle
Chapter XXXII. Which is a Letter from Pollyanna

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