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Paul Prescott's Charge
by Horatio Alger Jr.
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I. Squire Newcome.
II. Paul Prescott's Home.
III. Paul's Brilliant Prospects.
IV. Life in a New Phase.
V. A Crisis.
VI. Paul's Determination
VII. Paul Begins His Journey.
VIII. A Friend in Need.
IX. A Cloud in the Mudge Horizon.
X. Mr. Mudge Meets His Match.
XI. Wayside Gossip.
XII. On the Brink of Discovery.
XIII. Paul Reaches the City.
XIV. A Strange Bed-Chamber.
XV. A Turn of Fortune.
XVI. Young Stupid.
XVII. Ben's Practical Joke.
XVIII. More About Ben.
XIX. Mrs. Mudge's Discomfiture.
XX. Paul Obtains a Situation.
XXI. Smith and Thompson's Young Man.
XXII. Mr. Benton's Adventure.
XXIII. Paul Loses His Situation and Gains a Friend.
XXIV. Paul Calls on Mrs. Danforth.
XXV. An Old Acquaintance.
XXVI. A Vulgar Relation.
XXVII. Mr. Mudge's Fright.
XXVIII. How Ben Got Home.
XXIX. Dawkins in Difficulties.
XXX. A Trap is Laid for Paul.
XXXI. Convicted of Theft.
XXXII. Right Triumphant.
XXXIII. Paul Redeems His Pledge.
XXXIV. How Paul Goes Back to Wrenville.
XXXV. Conclusion.

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