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Rebecca Of Sunnybrook Farm
by Kate Douglas Wiggin
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Chapter I: "We are Seven"
Chapter II: Rebecca's Relations
Chapter III: A Difference in Hearts
Chapter IV: Rebecca's Point of View
Chapter V: Wisdom's Ways
Chapter VI: Sunshine in a Shady Place
Chapter VII: Riverboro Secrets
Chapter VIII: Color of Rose
Chapter IX: Ashes of Roses
Chapter X: Rainbow Bridges
Chapter XI: "The Stirring of the Powers"
Chapter XII: "See the Pale Martyr"
Chapter XIII: Snow-White; Rose-Red
Chapter XIV: Mr. Aladdin
Chapter XV: The Banquet Lamp
Chapter XVI: Seasons of Growth
Chapter XVII: Gray Days and Gold
Chapter XVIII: Rebecca Represents the Family
Chapter XIX: Deacon Israel's Successor
Chapter XX: A Change of Heart
Chapter XXI: The Sky Line Widens
Chapter XXII: Clover Blossoms and Sunflowers
Chapter XXIII: The Hill Difficulty
Chapter XXIV: Aladdin Rubs His Lamp
Chapter XXV: Roses of Joy
Chapter XXVI: Over the Teacups
Chapter XXVII: "The Vision Splendid"
Chapter XXVIII: "Th' Inevitable Yoke"
Chapter XXIX: Mother and Daughter
Chapter XXX: "Good-By, Sunnybrook!"
Chapter XXXI: Aunt Miranda's Apology

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