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Penelope's Experiences in Scotland
by Kate Douglas Wiggin
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Part First--In Town.
Chapter I. A Triangular Alliance.
Chapter II. Edina, Scotia's Darling Seat.
Chapter III. A vision in Princes Street.
Chapter IV. Susanna Crum cudna say.
Chapter V. We emulate the Jackdaw.
Chapter VI. Edinburgh society, past and present.
Chapter VII. Francesca meets th' unconquer'd Scot.
Chapter VIII. `What made th' Assembly shine?'
Chapter IX. Omnia presbyteria est divisa in partes tres.
Chapter X. Mrs. M'Collop as a sermon-taster.
Chapter XI. Holyrood awakens.
Chapter XII. Farewell to Edinburgh.
Chapter XIII. The spell of Scotland.
Part Second--In the Country.
Chapter XIV. The wee theekit hoosie in the loaning.
Chapter XV. Jane Grieve and her grievances.
Chapter XVI. The path that led to Crummylowe.
Chapter XVII. Playing Sir Patrick Spens.
Chapter XVIII. Paris comes to Pettybaw.
Chapter XIX. Fowk o' Fife.
Chapter XX. A Fifeshire tea-party.
Chapter XXI. International bickering.
Chapter XXII. Francesca entertains the green-eyed monster.
Chapter XXIII. Ballad revels at Rowardennan.
Chapter XXIV. Old songs and modern instances.
Chapter XXV. A treaty between nations.
Chapter XXVI. `Scotland's burning! Look out!'
Chapter XXVII. Three magpies and a marriage.

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