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The Circus Boys In Dixie Land
by Edgar B. P. Darlington
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Chapter I. Under Canvas Again
Chapter II. In Their Home Town
Chapter III. The Circus Makes a Call
Chapter IV. A Friendly Audience
Chapter V. Taken by Surprise
Chapter VI. In the Hands of the Enemy
Chapter VII. Shivers and His Shadow
Chapter VIII. A Rival in the Field
Chapter IX. Phil Makes a Discovery
Chapter X. The Circus Boy is Recognized
Chapter XI. On Sully's Private Car
Chapter XII. Locked in the Linen Closet
Chapter XIII. Through Rings of Fire
Chapter XIV. A Dash for Freedom
Chapter XV. Outwitting the Pursuers
Chapter XVI. The Battle of the Elephants
Chapter XVII. Monkeys in the Air
Chapter XVIII. Teddy Taxes a Drop
Chapter XIX. The Circus on an Island
Chapter XX. Disaster Befalls the Fat Lady
Chapter XXI. On a Flying Trapeze
Chapter XXII. In a Lively Blow-Down
Chapter XXIII. The Lion Hunt
Chapter XXIV. Conclusion

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