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The Circus Boys on the Plains
by Edgar B. P. Darlington
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Chapter I. On the Owner's Private Car
Chapter II. Off for New Fields
Chapter III. Coming to an Understanding
Chapter IV. Introduced to the Crew
Chapter V. The Midnight Alarm
Chapter VI. Almost a Tragedy
Chapter VII. The First Day's Experience
Chapter VIII. The Circus Boy Wins
Chapter IX. Teddy Gets Into Trouble
Chapter X. A Surprise, Indeed
Chapter XI. Three Cheers and a Tiger
Chapter XII. Facing an Emergency
Chapter XIII. A Baffled Car Manager
Chapter XIV. Teddy Writes a Letter
Chapter XV. In an Exciting Race
Chapter XVI. A Battle of Wits
Chapter XVII. The Charge of the Paste Brigade
Chapter XVIII. The Missing Show Cars
Chapter XIX. Phil's Daring Plan
Chapter XX. On a Wildcat Run
Chapter XXI. In a Perilous Position
Chapter XXII. A Dash for Liberty
Chapter XXIII. The Deserted Village
Chapter XXIV. Conclusion

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