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Tom Swift in the Caves of Ice
by Victor Appleton
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Chapter I. Eradicate in an Airship
Chapter II. Andy Foger's Triplane
Chapter III. Abe is Deceived
Chapter IV. Tom Gets the Map
Chapter V. Grave Suspicion's
Chapter VI. Andy's Airship Flies
Chapter VII. Ready for the Trip
Chapter VIII. A Thief in the Night
Chapter IX. A Vandal's Act
Chapter X. Tom is Held Up
Chapter XI. Off for the Frozen North
Chapter XII. Pelted by Hailstones
Chapter XIII. A Frightened Indian
Chapter XIV. The Rival Airship
Chapter XV. The Race
Chapter XVI. The Fall of the Anthony
Chapter XVII. Hitting the Ice Mountain
Chapter XVIII. A Fight with Musk Oxen
Chapter XIX. The Caves of Ice
Chapter XX. In the Gold Valley
Chapter XXI. The Fogers Arrive
Chapter XXII. Jumping the Claim
Chapter XXIII. Attacked by Natives
Chapter XXIV. The Wreck of the Airship
Chapter XXV. The Rescue--Conclusion

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