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Penelope's Irish Experiences
by Kate Douglas Wiggin
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Part First--Leinster.
Chapter I. We emulate the Rollo books.
Chapter II. Irish itineraries.
Chapter III. We sight a derelict.
Chapter IV. Enter Benella Dusenberry.
Chapter V. The Wearing of the Green.
Chapter VI. Dublin, then and now.
Part Second--Munster.
Chapter VII. A tour and a detour.
Chapter VIII. Romance and reality.
Chapter IX. The light of other days.
Chapter X. The belles of Shandon.
Chapter XI. 'The rale thing.'
Chapter XII. Life at Knockarney House.
Chapter XIII. 'O! the sound of the Kerry dancing.'
Chapter XIV. Mrs. Mullarkey's iligant locks.
Chapter XV. Penelope weaves a web.
Chapter XVI. Salemina has her chance.
Part Third--Ulster.
Chapter XVII. The Glens of Antrim.
Chapter XVIII. Limavady love-letters.
Chapter XIX. 'In ould Donegal.'
Chapter XX. We evict a tenant.
Chapter XXI. Lachrymae Hibernicae.
Part Fourth--Connaught.
Chapter XXII. The Weeping West.
Chapter XXIII. Beams and motes.
Chapter XXIV. Humours of the road.
Chapter XXV. The wee folk.
Part Fifth--Royal Meath.
Chapter XXVI. Ireland's gold.
Chapter XXVII. The three chatelaines of Devorgilla.
Chapter XXVIII. Round towers and reflections.
Chapter XXIX. Aunt David's garden.
Chapter XXX. The Quest of the Fair Strangers, or The Fairy Quicken-Tree of Devorgilla.
Chapter XXXI. Good-bye, dark Rosaleen.
Chapter XXXII. 'As the sunflower turns.'

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