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Penelope's English Experiences
by Kate Douglas Wiggin
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Part First--In Town.
Chapter I. The weekly bill.
Chapter II. The powdered footman smiles.
Chapter III. Eggs a la coque.
Chapter IV. The English sense of humour.
Chapter V. A Hyde Park Sunday.
Chapter VI. The English Park Lover.
Chapter VII. A ducal tea-party.
Chapter VIII. Tuppenny travels in London.
Chapter IX. A Table of Kindred and Affinity.
Chapter X. Apropos of advertisements.
Chapter XI. The ball on the opposite side.
Chapter XII. Patricia makes her debut.
Chapter XIII. A Penelope secret.
Chapter XIV. Love and lavender.
Part Second--In the country.
Chapter XV. Penelope dreams.
Chapter XVI. The decay of Romance.
Chapter XVII. Short stops and long bills.
Chapter XVIII. I meet Mrs. Bobby.
Chapter XIX. The heart of the artist.
Chapter XX. A canticle to Jane.
Chapter XXI. I remember, I remember.
Chapter XXII. Comfort Cottage.
Chapter XXIII. Tea served here.
Chapter XXIV. An unlicensed victualler.
Chapter XXV. Et ego in Arcadia vixit.

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