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Miss Billy
by Eleanor H. Porter
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Chapter I. Billy Writes a Letter
Chapter II. "The Strata"
Chapter III. The Strata--When the Letter Comes
Chapter IV. Billy Sends a Telegram
Chapter V. Getting Ready for Billy
Chapter VI. The Coming of Billy
Chapter VII. Introducing Spunk
Chapter VIII. The Room--and Billy
Chapter IX. A Family Conclave
Chapter X. Aunt Hannah
Chapter XI. Bertram Has Visitors
Chapter XII. Cyril Takes His Turn
Chapter XIII. A Surprise All Around
Chapter XIV. Aunt Hannah Speaks Her Mind
Chapter XV. What Bertram Calls "The Limit"
Chapter XVI. Kate Takes a Hand
Chapter XVII. A Pink-Ribbon Trail
Chapter XVIII. Billy Writes Another Letter
Chapter XIX. Seeing Billy Off
Chapter XX. Billy, the Myth
Chapter XXI. Billy, the Reality
Chapter XXII. Hugh Calderwell
Chapter XXIII. Bertram Does Some Questioning
Chapter XXIV. Cyril, the Enigma
Chapter XXV. The Old Room--and Billy
Chapter XXVI. "Music Hath Charms"
Chapter XXVII. Marie, Who Longs to Make Puddings
Chapter XXVIII. "I'm Going to Win"
Chapter XXIX. "I'm Not Going to Marry"
Chapter XXX. Marie Finds a Friend
Chapter XXXI. The Engagement of One
Chapter XXXII. Cyril Has Something to Say
Chapter XXXIII. William is Worried
Chapter XXXIV. Class Day
Chapter XXXV. Sister Kate Again
Chapter XXXVI. William Meets With a Surprise
Chapter XXXVII. "William's Brother"
Chapter XXXVIII. The Engagement of Two
Chapter XXXIX. A Little Piece of Paper
Chapter XL. William Pays a Visit
Chapter XLI. The Crooked Made Straight
Chapter XLII. The "End of the Story"

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