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Doctor Dolittle
by Hugh Lofting
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Dedication and Foreword.
The First Chapter. Puddleby
The Second Chapter. Animal Language
The Third Chapter. More Money Troubles
The Fourth Chapter. A Message From Africa
The Fifth Chapter. The Great Journey
The Sixth Chapter. Polynesia and the King
The Seventh Chapter. The Bridge of Apes
The Eighth Chapter. The Leader of the Lions
The Ninth Chapter. The Monkeys' Council
The Tenth Chapter. The Rarest Animal of All
The Eleventh Chapter. The Black Prince
The Twelfth Chapter. Medicine and Magic
The Thirteenth Chapter. Red Sails and Blue Wings
The Fourteenth Chapter. The Rats' Warning
The Fifteenth Chapter. The Barbary Dragon
The Sixteenth Chapter. Too-Too, the Listener
The Seventeenth Chapter. The Ocean Gossips
The Eighteenth Chapter. Smells
The Nineteenth Chapter. The Rock
The Twentieth Chapter. The Fisherman's Town
The Last Chapter. Home Again

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