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The Harvester
by Gene Stratton-Porter
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Chapter I. Belshazzar's Decision
Chapter II. The Effect of a Dream
Chapter III. Harvesting the Forest
Chapter IV. A Commission for the South Wind
Chapter V. When the Harvester Made Good
Chapter VI. To Labour and to Wait
Chapter VII. The Quest of the Dream Girl
Chapter VIII. Belshazzar's Record Point
Chapter IX. The Harvester Goes Courting
Chapter X. The Chime of the Blue Bells
Chapter XI. Demonstrated Courtship
Chapter XII. "The Way of a Man With a Maid"
Chapter XIII. When the Dream Came True
Chapter XIV. Snowy Wings
Chapter XV. The Harvester Interprets Life
Chapter XVI. Granny Moreland's Visit
Chapter XVII. Love Invades Science
Chapter XVIII. The Better Man
Chapter XIX. A Vertical Spine
Chapter XX. The Man in the Background
Chapter XXI. The Coming of the Bluebird

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