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Lightfoot the Deer
by Thornton W. Burgess
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Chapter I: Peter Rabbit Meets Lightfoot
Chapter II : Lightfoot's New Antlers
Chapter III: Lightfoot Tells How His Antlers Grew
Chapter IV: The Spirit Of Fear
Chapter V: Sammy Jay Brings Lightfoot Word
Chapter VI: A Game Of Hide And Seek
Chapter VII: The Merry Little Breezes Help Lightfoot
Chapter VIII: Wit Against Wit
Chapter IX: Lightfoot Becomes Uncertain
Chapter X: Lightfoot's Clever Trick
Chapter XI: The Hunted Watches The Hunter
Chapter XII: Lightfoot Visits Paddy The Beaver
Chapter XIII: Lightfoot And Paddy Become Partners
Chapter XIV: How Paddy Warned Lightfoot
Chapter XV: The Three Watchers
Chapter XVI: Visitors To Paddy's Pond
Chapter XVII: Sammy Jay Arrives
Chapter XVIII: The Hunter Loses His Temper
Chapter XIX: Sammy Jay Is Modest
Chapter XX: Lightfoot Hears A Dreadful Sound
Chapter XXI: How Lightfoot Got Rid Of The Hounds
Chapter XXII: Lightfoot's Long Swim
Chapter XXIII: Lightfoot Finds A Friend
Chapter XXIV: The Hunter Is Disappointed
Chapter XXV: The Hunter Lies In Wait
Chapter XXVI: Lightfoot Does The Wise Thing
Chapter XXVII: Sammy Jay Worries
Chapter XXVIII: The Hunting Season Ends
Chapter XXIX: Mr. And Mrs. Quack Are Startled
Chapter XXX: The Mystery Is Solved
Chapter XXXI: A Surprising Discovery
Chapter XXXII: Lightfoot Sees The Stranger
Chapter XXXIII: A Different Game Of Hide And Seek
Chapter XXXIV: A Startling New Footprint
Chapter XXXV: Lightfoot Is Reckless
Chapter XXXVI: Sammy Jay Takes A Hand
Chapter XXXVII: The Great Fight
Chapter XXXVIII: An Unseen Watcher
Chapter XXXIX: Lightfoot Discovers Love
Chapter XL: Happy Days In The Green Forest

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