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Mrs. Peter Rabbit
by Thornton W. Burgess
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Chapter I. Peter Rabbit Loses His Appetite
Chapter II. Peter Rabbit Plans a Journey
Chapter III. Hooty the Owl Changes His Hunting Grounds
Chapter IV. The Shadow With Sharp Claws
Chapter V. In the Old Pasture
Chapter VI. Peter Rabbit is Still Lonesome
Chapter VII. Peter Finds Tracks
Chapter VIII. The Strange Tracks in the Old Pasture
Chapter IX. An Unpleasant Surprise
Chapter X. Peter Rabbit Almost Decides to Return Home
Chapter XI. Peter Rabbit Has a Sudden Change of Mind
Chapter XII. Peter Learns Something From Tommy Tit
Chapter XIII. Little Miss Fuzzytail
Chapter XIV. Some One Fools Old Jed Thumper
Chapter XV. A Pleasant Surprise for Peter
Chapter XVI. Peter Rabbit's Looking-Glass
Chapter XVII. Peter Meets Miss Fuzzytail
Chapter XVIII. Tommy Tit Proves a Friend Indeed
Chapter XIX. Old Man Coyote Pays a Debt
Chapter XX. Little Miss Fuzzytail Whispers "Yes"
Chapter XXI. Peter and Little Miss Fuzzytail Leave the Old Pasture
Chapter XXII. Sammy Jay Becomes Curious
Chapter XXIII. Peter Introduces Mrs. Peter
Chapter XXIV. Danny Meadow Mouse Warns Peter Rabbit
Chapter XXV. Peter Rabbit's Heedlessness
Chapter XXVI. Peter Rabbit Listens to Mrs. Peter
Chapter XXVII. Mistah Mocker Plays a Joke on Mrs. Peter
Chapter XXVIII. News from the Old Briar-Patch
Chapter XXIX. Jimmy Skunk Visits Peter Rabbit
Chapter XXX. Reddy Fox Learns the Secret
Chapter XXXI. Blacky the Crow Has Sharp Eyes
Chapter XXXII. Peter Rabbit's Nursery

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