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The Adventures of Johnny Chuck
by Thornton W. Burgess
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Chapter I. Gentle Sister South Wind Arrives
Chapter II. Johnny Chuck Receives Callers
Chapter III. The Singers of the Smiling Pool
Chapter IV. Johnny Chuck Finds Out Who the Sweet Singers Are
Chapter V. Johnny Chuck Becomes Dissatisfied
Chapter VI. Johnny Chuck Turns Tramp
Chapter VII. Johnny's First Adventure
Chapter VIII. Johnny Has Another Adventure
Chapter IX. Another Strange Chuck
Chapter X. Why Johnny Chuck Didn't Fight
Chapter XI. The Greatest Thing in the World
Chapter XII. Johnny Chuck Proves His Love
Chapter XIII. Polly and Johnny Chuck Go House Hunting
Chapter XIV. A New Home at Last
Chapter XV. Sammy Jay Finds the New Home
Chapter XVI. Sammy Jay Plans Mischief
Chapter XVII. More Mischief
Chapter XVIII. Farmer Brown's Boy Makes a Discovery
Chapter XIX. Johnny Chuck's Pride
Chapter XX. Sammy Jay Understands
Chapter XXI. Sammy Jay Has a Change of Heart
Chapter XXII. Johnny Chuck is Kept Busy
Chapter XXIII. The School in the Old Orchard
Chapter XXIV. Sammy Jay Proves That He is Not All Bad

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