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The Adventures of Jerry Muskrat
by Thornton W. Burgess
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Chapter I: Jerry Muskrat Has A Fright
Chapter II: The Convention At Ther Big Rock
Chapter III: The Oracle Of The Smiling Pool
Chapter IV: Grandfather Frog's Plan
Chapter V: A Busy Day At The Smiling Pool
Chapter VI: Farmer Brown's Boy Is Puzzled
Chapter VII: Jerry Muskrat Makes A Discovery
Chapter VIII: Grandfather Frog Watches His Toes
Chapter IX: The Laughing Brook Stops Laughing
Chapter X: Why The World Seemed Upside Down To Jerry Muskrat
Chapter XI: Five Heads Together
Chapter XII: A Hunt For Trouble
Chapter XIII: Ol' Mistah Buzzard Sees Something
Chapter XIV: Spotty The Turtle Keeps Right On Going
Chapter XV: What Spotty The Turtle Found
Chapter XVI: The Pond In The Green Forest
Chapter XVII: Who Had Made The Strange Pond?
Chapter XVIII: Jerry Muskrat's Big Cousin
Chapter XIX: Jerry Muskrat Has A Busy Day
Chapter XX: Jerry Has A Dreadful Disappointment
Chapter XXI: Jerry Muskrat Keeps Watch
Chapter XXII: Jerry Loses His Fear
Chapter XXIII: Paddy The Beaver Does A Kind Deed
Chapter XXIV: A Merry Home-Going
Chapter XXV: Paddy The Beaver Decides To Stay

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