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Blacky the Crow
by Thornton W. Burgess
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Chapter I: Blacky The Crow Makes A Discovery
Chapter II: Blacky Makes Sure
Chapter III: Blacky Finds Out Who Owns The Eggs
Chapter IV: The Cunning Of Blacky
Chapter V: Blacky Calls His Friends
Chapter VI: Hooty The Owl Doesn't Stay Still
Chapter VII: Blacky Tries Another Plan
Chapter VIII: Hooty Comes To Mrs. Hooty's Aid
Chapter IX: Blacky Thinks Of Farmer Brown's Boy
Chapter X: Farmer Brown's Boy And Hooty
Chapter XI: Farmer Brown's Boy Is Tempted
Chapter XII: A Tree-Top Battle
Chapter XIII: Blacky Has A Change Of Heart
Chapter XIV: Blacky Makes A Call
Chapter XV: Blacky Does A Little Looking About
Chapter XVI: Blacky Finds Other Signs
Chapter XVII: Blacky Watches A Queer Performance
Chapter XVIII: Blacky Becomes Very Suspicious
Chapter XIX: Blacky Makes More Discoveries
Chapter XX: Blacky Drops A Hint
Chapter XXI: At Last Blacky Is Sure
Chapter: Blacky Goes Home Happy
Chapter XXIII: Blacky Calls Farmer Brown's Boy
Chapter XXIV: Farmer Brown's Boy Does Some Thinking
Chapter XXV: Blacky Gets A Dreadful Shock
Chapter XXVI: Why The Hunter Got No Ducks
Chapter XXVII: The Hunter Gives Up
Chapter XXVIII: Blacky Has A Talk With Dusky The Black Duck
Chapter XXIX: Blacky Discovers An Egg
Chapter XXX: Blacky Screws Up His Courage
Chapter XXXI: An Egg That Wouldn't Behave
Chapter XXXII: What Blacky Did With The Stolen Egg

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