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Bunny Brown and his Sister Sue
by Laura Lee Hope
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Chapter I. Aunt Lu Arrives
Chapter II. The Lost Ring
Chapter III. Wango, the Monkey
Chapter IV. The Empty House
Chapter V. Locked In
Chapter VI. Adrift in a Boat
Chapter VII. Bunny Goes Fishing
Chapter VIII. Sue Falls In
Chapter IX. The Rescue Dog
Chapter X. A Trolley Ride
Chapter XI. Lost
Chapter XII. Found
Chapter XIII. Sue and the Goat
Chapter XIV. A Little Party
Chapter XV. George Watson's Trick
Chapter XVI. The Lemonade Stand
Chapter XVII. The Moving Pictures
Chapter XVIII. Wango and the Candy
Chapter XIX. Bunny in a Queer Place
Chapter XX. Splash Runs Away
Chapter XXI. How Sue Found the Eggs
Chapter XXII. Aunt Lu is Sad
Chapter XXIII. An Automobile Ride
Chapter XXIV. The Punch and Judy Show
Chapter XXV. The Lobster Claw

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