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Driven From Home
by Horatio Alger Jr.
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Chapter I. Driven from Home.
Chapter II. A Friend Worth Having.
Chapter III. Introduces Peter Cook.
Chapter IV. An Important Conference.
Chapter V. Carl's Stepmother.
Chapter VI. Mrs. Crawford's Letter.
Chapter VII. Ends in a Tragedy.
Chapter VIII. Carl Falls Under Suspicion.
Chapter IX. A Plausible Stranger.
Chapter X. The Counterfeit Bill.
Chapter XI. The Archery Prize.
Chapter XII. An Odd Acquaintance.
Chapter XIII. An Unequal Contest.
Chapter XIV. Carl Arrives in Milford.
Chapter XV. Mr. Jennings at Home.
Chapter XVI. Carl Gets a Place.
Chapter XVII. Carl Enters the Factory.
Chapter XVIII. Leonard's Temptation.
Chapter XIX. An Artful Scheme.
Chapter XX. Reveals a Mystery.
Chapter XXI. An Unwelcome Guest.
Chapter XXII. Mr. Stark is Recognized.
Chapter XXIII. Preparing for the Burglar.
Chapter XXIV. The Burglary.
Chapter XXV. Stark's Disappointment.
Chapter XXVI. A Disagreeable Surprise.
Chapter XXVII. Brought to Bay.
Chapter XXVIII. After a Year.
Chapter XXIX. The Lost Bank Book.
Chapter XXX. An Eccentric Woman.
Chapter XXXI. Carl Takes Supper with Miss Norris.
Chapter XXXII. A Startling Discovery.
Chapter XXXIII. From Albany to Niagara.
Chapter XXXIV. Carl Makes the Acquaintance of an English Lord.
Chapter XXXV. What Carl Learned in Chicago.
Chapter XXXVI. Making a Will.
Chapter XXXVII. Peter Lets Out a Secret.
Chapter XXXVIII. Dr. Crawford is Taken to Task.
Chapter XXXIX. A Man of Energy.
Chapter XL. Conclusion.

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