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A Girl Of The Limberlost
by Gene Stratton-Porter
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Chapter I. Wherein Elnora Goes to High School and Learns Many Lessons not Found in Her Books
Chapter II. Wherein Wesley and Margaret Go Shopping, and Elnora's Wardrobe is Replenished
Chapter III. Wherein Elnora Visits the Bird Woman, and Opens a Bank Account
Chapter IV. Wherein the Sintons are Disappointed, and Mrs. Comstock Learns that She Can Laugh
Chapter V. Wherein Elnora Receives a Warning, and Billy Appears on the Scene
Chapter VI. Wherein Mrs. Comstock Indulges in "Frills," and Billy Reappears
Chapter VII. Wherein Mrs. Comstock Manipulates Margaret and Billy Acquires a Residence
Chapter VIII. Wherein the Limberlost Tempts Elnora, and Billy Buries His Father
Chapter IX. Wherein Elnora Discovers a Violin, and Billy Disciplines Margaret
Chapter X. Wherein Elnora Has More Financial Troubles, and Mrs. Comstock Again Hears the Song of the Limberlost
Chapter XI. Wherein Elnora Graduates, and Freckles and the Angel Send Gifts
Chapter XII. Wherein Margaret Sinton Reveals a Secret, and Mrs. Comstock Possesses the Limberlost
Chapter XIII. Wherein Mother Love is Bestowed on Elnora, and She Finds an Assistant in Moth Hunting
Chapter XIV. Wherein a New Position is Tendered Elnora, and Philip Ammon is Shown LImberlost Violets
Chapter XV. Wherein Mrs. Comstock Faces the Almighty, and Philip Ammon Writes a Letter
Chapter XVI. Wherein the Limberlost Sings for Philip, and the Talking Trees Tell Great Secrets
Chapter XVII. Wherein Mrs. Comstock Dances in the Moonlight, and Elnora Makes a Confession
Chapter XVIII. Wherein Mrs. Comstock Experiments with Rejuvenation, and Elnora Teaches Natural History
Chapter XIX. Wherein Philip Ammon Gives a Ball in Honour of Edith Carr, and Hart Henderson Appears on the Scene
Chapter XX. Wherein the Elder Ammon Offers Advice, and Edith Carr Experiences Regrets
Chapter XXI. Wherein Philip Ammon Returns to the Limberlost, and Elnora Studies the Situation
Chapter XXII. Wherein Philip Ammon Kneels to Elnora, and Strangers Come to the Limberlost
Chapter XXIII. Wherein Elnora Reaches a Decision, and Freckles and the Angel Appear
Chapter XXIV. Wherein Edith Carr Wages a Battle, and Hart Henderson Stands Guard
Chapter XXV. Wherein Philip Finds Elnora, and Edith Carr Offers a Yellow Emperor

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