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The Outdoor Girls at Wild Rose Lodge
by Laura Lee Hope
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Chapter I. Just Fun
Chapter II. The Falling Tree
Chapter III. The Queer Little Man
Chapter IV. Good News
Chapter V. Betty Takes a Dare
Chapter VI. Nearly Wrecked
Chapter VII. Bad Tidings Confirmed
Chapter VIII. Premonitions
Chapter IX. A Visitor
Chapter X. Hurrah for Allen
Chapter XI. The Hold-Up
Chapter XII. Sheep!
Chapter XIII. The Enemy Routed
Chapter XIV. Nothing Human
Chapter XV. Wild Roses
Chapter XVI. The Whirlpool
Chapter XVII. The Thing
Chapter XVIII. Surprised
Chapter XIX. Like Old Times
Chapter XX. Very Much Alive
Chapter XXI. Out of the Dark
Chapter XXII. Tragedy
Chapter XXIII. A Moonlight Apparition
Chapter XXIV. Recovered
Chapter XXV. The Old Crowd Again

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