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The Outdoor Girls of Deepdale
by Laura Lee Hope
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Chapter I. A Fluttering Paper.
Chapter II. The Tramping Club.
Chapter III. Jealousies.
Chapter IV. A Taunt.
Chapter V. Amy's Mystery.
Chapter VI. The Leaky Boat.
Chapter VII. To the Rescue.
Chapter VIII. Closing Days.
Chapter IX. Off on the Tour.
Chapter X. On the Wrong Road.
Chapter XI. The Barking Dog.
Chapter XII. At Aunt Sallie's.
Chapter XIII. The Missing Lunch.
Chapter XIV. The Broken Rail.
Chapter XV. "It's a Bear!".
Chapter XVI. The Deserted House.
Chapter XVII. In Charge.
Chapter XVIII. Relieved.
Chapter XIX. A Little Lost Girl.
Chapter XX. The Boy Peddler.
Chapter XXI. The Letter.
Chapter XXII. A Perilous Leak.
Chapter XXIII. The Man's Story.
Chapter XXIV. By Telegraph.
Chapter XXV. Back Home.

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