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The Tale of Tommy Fox
by Arthur Scott Bailey
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I. Tommy Enjoys Himself
II. Johnnie Green Goes Hunting
III. Tommy Fox Learns to Hunt
IV. Mother Grouse's Children
V. Tommy Fox is Hungry
VI. Mr. Gray Squirrel's Mistake
VII. Tommy Chases Mr. Woodchuck
VIII. Something Makes Tommy Very Proud
IX. Tommy Fox in Trouble
X. Mrs. Fox Outwits Dog Spot
XI. Tommy Grows Too Careless
XII. Old Mr. Crow is Pleased
XIII. Johnnie Green and His New Pet
XIV. Tommy Fox Makes a Strange Friend
XV. Johnnie Green Feels Sad
XVI. Tommy Becomes Boastful
XVII. Paying a Call on a Friend
XVIII. The World Turns White
XIX. Tommy Fox Learns a New Trick
XX. The Drummer of the Woods
XXI. The Biggest Surprise of All

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