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The Tale of Fatty Coon
by Arthur Scott Bailey
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I. Fatty Coon at Home
II. Fatty Learns Something About Eggs
III. Fatty Discovers Mrs. Turtle's Secret
IV. Fatty Coon's Mistake
V. Fatty Coon Goes Fishing
VI. Fatty and the Green Corn
VII. Johnnie Green is Disappointed
VIII. A Terrible Fright
IX. Johnnie Green Loses His Pet
X. Fatty Coon and the Monster
XI. Jasper Jay Tells Some News
XII. Forty Fat Turkeys
XIII. Fatty Meets Jimmy Rabbit
XIV. The Barber-Shop Again
XV. Fatty Visits the Smoke-House
XVI. Fatty Coon Plays Robber
XVII. Fatty Finds the Moon
XVIII. The Loggers Come
XIX. Fatty Grows Even Fatter
XX. The Tracks in the Snow

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