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The Tale of Freddie Firefly
by Misc. Authors
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I. A Merry Dancer
II. A Fine Plan
III. Freddie Agrees to Help
IV. Getting Ready
V. At the Stone Wall
VI. The Banners
VII. The Torchlight Parade
VIII. Buster's Scheme
IX. Freddie's Promise
X. Drawing Lots
XI. Peppery Polly
XII. A Terrible Song
XIII. Caught by a Thistle
XIV. Jennie Junebug
XV. The Fat Lady's Secret
XVI. Freddie's Escape
XVII. Bad Benjamin Bat
XVIII. Pleasing Farmer Green
XIX. Benjamin Feels Guilty
XX. Mrs. Ladybug's Advice
XXI. All About Trains
XXII. Work on the Railroad
XXIII. Why Freddie Was Glad

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