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Timothy Crump's Ward: A Story of American Life
by Horatio Alger Jr.
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Chapter I. Introduces the Crumps.
Chapter II. The Events of an Evening.
Chapter III. The Landlord's Visit.
Chapter IV. The New Year's Present.
Chapter V. A Lucky Rescue.
Chapter VI. What the Envelope Contained.
Chapter VI. Eight Years. Ida's Progress.
Chapter VIII. A Strange Visitor.
Chapter IX. A Journey.
Chapter X. Unexpected Quarters.
Chapter XI. Suspense.
Chapter XII. How Ida Fared.
Chapter XIII. Bad Coin.
Chapter XIV. Doubts and Fears.
Chapter XV. Aunt Rachel's Mishaps.
Chapter XVI. The Flower-Girl.
Chapter XVII. Jack Obtains Information.
Chapter XVIII. Finesse.
Chapter XIX. Caught in a Trap.
Chapter XX. Jack in Confinement.
Chapter XXI. The Prisoner Escapes.
Chapter XXII. Mr. John Somerville.
Chapter XXIII. The Law Steps In.
Chapter XXIV. "The Flower-Girl."
Chapter XXV. Ida is Found.
Chapter XXVI. "Never Too Late to Mend."
Chapter XXVII. Conclusion.

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