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The Store Boy
by Horatio Alger Jr.
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Chapter I. Ben Barclay Meets a Tramp
Chapter II. Ben and His Mother
Chapter III. Mrs. Barclay's Callers
Chapter IV. Unpleasant Business
Chapter V. Professor Harrington's Entertainment
Chapter VI. Two Young Rivals
Chapter VII. The Tramp Makes Another Call
Chapter VIII. Squire Davenport's Financial Operation
Chapter IX. A Prospect of Trouble
Chapter X. Ben Goes to New York
Chapter XI. The Madison Avenue Stage
Chapter XII. Ben's Luck
Chapter XIII. A Startling Event
Chapter XIV. Ben Shows Himself a Hero
Chapter XV. Ben Loses His Place
Chapter XVI. Ben Finds Temporary Employment
Chapter XVII. What the Letter Contained
Chapter XVIII. Farewell to Pentonville
Chapter XIX. A Cool Reception
Chapter XX. Entering Upon His Duties
Chapter XXI. At the Theater
Chapter XXII. A Mysterious Letter
Chapter XXIII. Ben's Visit to Thirty-First Street
Chapter XXIV. Ben on Trial
Chapter XXV. Conrad Takes a Bold Step
Chapter XXVI. Mr. Lynx, the Detective
Chapter XXVII. The Telltale Ticket
Chapter XXVIII. Mrs. Hill's Malice
Chapter XXIX. Some Unexpected Changes
Chapter XXX. Ben "Goes West"
Chapter XXXI. Mr. Jackson Receives a Call
Chapter XXXII. Ben Sells the Farm
Chapter XXXIII. Good News
Chapter XXXIV. Conrad Goes Into Wall Street
Chapter XXXV. Turning the Tables
Chapter XXXVI. A Letter from Rose Gardiner
Chapter XXXVII. Ben's Visit to Pentonville
Chapter XXXVIII. Conclusion

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