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Jack's Ward
by Horatio Alger Jr.
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Biography and Bibliography
Chapter I. Jack Harding Gets a Job
Chapter II. The Events of an Evening
Chapter III. Jack's New Plan
Chapter IV. Mrs. Harding Takes a Boarder
Chapter V. The Captain's Departure
Chapter VI. The Landlord's Visit
Chapter VII. The New Year's Gift
Chapter VIII. A Lucky Rescue
Chapter IX. What the Envelope Contained
Chapter X. Jack's Mischief
Chapter XI. Miss Harding's Mistake
Chapter XII. Seven Years
Chapter XIII. A Mysterious Visitor
Chapter XIV. Preparing for a Journey
Chapter XV. The Journey
Chapter XVI. Unexpected Quarters
Chapter XVII. Suspense
Chapter XVIII. How Ida Fared
Chapter XIX. Bad Money
Chapter XX. Doubts and Fears
Chapter XXI. Aunt Rachel's Mishaps
Chapter XXII. The Flower Girl
Chapter XXIII. Jack Obtains Information
Chapter XXIV. Jack's Discovery
Chapter XXV. Caught in a Trap
Chapter XXVI. Dr. Robinson
Chapter XXVII. Jack Begins to Realize His Situation
Chapter XXVIII. The Secret Staircase
Chapter XXIX. Jack is Detected
Chapter XXX. Jack's Triumph
Chapter XXXI. Mr. John Somerville
Chapter XXXII. A Providential Meeting
Chapter XXXIII. Ida is Found
Chapter XXXIV. Never Too Late to Mend
Chapter XXXV. Jack's Return
Chapter XXXVI. Conclusion

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