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The Pony Rider Boys in New Mexico
by Frank Gee Patchin
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Chapter I. Something in the Wind
Chapter II. In the Zuni Foothills
Chapter III. Indians!
Chapter IV. On the Trail of Juan
Chapter V. A Daring Act
Chapter VI. The Fire Dance of the Red Men
Chapter VII. Fleeing from the Enemy
Chapter VIII. Asleep on the Sleepy Grass
Chapter IX. The Midnight Alarm
Chapter X. Meeting the Attack
Chapter XI. Riding with Kris Kringle
Chapter XII. The Dash for Life
Chapter XIII. Following a Hot Trail
Chapter XIV. Against Big Odds
Chapter XV. Hit by a Dry Storm
Chapter XVI. Chunky's New Idea
Chapter XVII. In the Home of the Cave Dwellers
Chapter XVIII. Facing the Enemy's Guns
Chapter XIX. Outwitting the Redskins
Chapter XX. Tilting for the Silver Spurs
Chapter XXI. The Fat Boy's Discovery
Chapter XXII. In Hand-to-Hand Conflict
Chapter XXIII. Moonbeam Points the Way
Chapter XXlV. Conclusion

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