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The Pony Rider Boys in Montana
by Frank Gee Patchin
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Chapter I. Fitting Out for the Journey
Chapter II. Yawns Prove Disastrous
Chapter III. The Boys Rescue Each Other
Chapter IV. Surprised by an Unwelcome Visitor
Chapter V. The Pursuit of the Burning Bear
Chapter VI. Lost in the Rosebud Range
Chapter VII. Almost Betrayed by a Sneeze
Chapter VIII. Into the Enemy's Camp
Chapter IX. Tad Outwits His Pursuers
Chapter X. The Ride for Help
Chapter XI. A Race Against Time
Chapter XII. A Timely Warning
Chapter XIII. Preparing for an Attack
Chapter XIV. Bunted by a Merino Ram
Chapter XV. Roped by a Cowboy
Chapter XVI. Tad Whips a Mountain Boy
Chapter XVII. Chunky Rides the Goat
Chapter XVIII. The Vigil by the Foothills
Chapter XIX. A Clever Capture
Chapter XX. Thrilling Rescue of the Rancher
Chapter XXI. Two Boys Strangely Missing
Chapter XXII. Captured by the Indians
Chapter XXIII. In the Home of the Blackfeet
Chapter XXIV. Conclusion

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