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Mary Louise
by L. Frank Baum
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To Young Readers
Chapter I. Just an Argument
Chapter II. Gran'pa Jim
Chapter III. A Surprise
Chapter IV. Shifting Sands
Chapter V. Official Investigation
Chapter VI. Under a Cloud
Chapter VII. The Escape
Chapter VIII. A Friendly Foe
Chapter IX. Officer O'Gorman
Chapter X. Rather Queer Indeed
Chapter XI. Mary Louise Meets Irene
Chapter XII. A Cheerful Comrade
Chapter XIII. Bub Succumbs to Force
Chapter XIV. A Call from Agatha Lord
Chapter XV. Bub's Hobby
Chapter XVI. The Stolen Book
Chapter XVII. The Hired Girl
Chapter XVIII. Mary Louise Grows Suspicious
Chapter XIX. An Artful Confession
Chapter XX. Diamond Cut Diamond
Chapter XXI. Bad News
Chapter XXII. The Folks at Bigbee's
Chapter XXIII. A Kiss from Josie
Chapter XXIV. Facing the Truth
Chapter XXV. Simple Justice
Chapter XXVI. The Letter

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